Windmiller Custom Homes

The new builder on the block is Tim Windmiller of Windmiller Custom Homes. Initially going to school at the University of Missouri to become a medical doctor, his cousin, Andrew Hall, convinced him to move to Texas and get into home sales. After working as his cousin’s assistant for Legacy Homes, the pair sell 123 homes in one year, and Windmiller never looked back.

Windmiller had a stint at Clarity Homes, where he learned how to build, and he started his own company in 2008 — just as the market took a turn for the worse.

“And the unique thing about that is I had so many bankers tell me like, ‘What are you trying to do? Why are you trying to go into business when all these builders are going out of business?’” Windmiller says. “And my comment to them was, ‘This is the only time for any small guy to enter the market.’

“I finally found a bank to work with me. They saw the value, listened to my story, and allowed me to grow through the downturn. And then, with the market uptick, we went from doing 10 to 12 homes to 30-plus homes.”


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