Tori Rubinson Interiors

Tori Rubinson is a Texas-based designer, passionate about classic interiors and homes built to last. She has a reputation for creating layered interiors that seamlessly blend old with new — and for creating spaces that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

A lifelong love of interiors — along with a natural eye — led her to start work for one of Fort Worth’s most high-end builders nearly a decade ago. Tori learned the industry quickly, while simultaneously cultivating her own design point of view. Friends and family began to consult her on home projects, and after the requests started to pile up, Tori launched her own interior design business.

Tori has worked on a wide range of projects, from custom, high-end homes to commercial; from large-scale remodels to new construction. She spends most of her time on whole-house design for family homes.

Tori and her husband, Adam, live in Fort Worth and have three young children.


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