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Silverado Custom Door & Window


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ABOUT Silverado Custom Door & Window :

Silverado Custom Door & Window is a custom wood door and window manufacturer that has been in business since 1987. We consider ourselves artisans in the handcrafting of custom doors and windows. Each door and window is truly custom, built specifically to meet our clients’ needs and tastes. There are no size or wood species restraints. We work with architects to provide products for residential, commercial, institutional, federal, and state projects.

Owner Rick Parrilla has studied wood and its properties, as well as European architecture and proper finishing techniques to produce products that will last for decades to come. Silverado Custom Door & Window offers various brands of the door, window, and gate hardware along with multipoint hardware. A variety of wood distressing is available, including the popular “Antique Circle Sawn” technique.

With the belief that things made by hand have more natural splendor than short-lived factory-built objects made from preprocessed materials, we make sure every exterior and interior door is made from solid hardwood, using no veneers, and is created to last for decades. As handmade pieces age with character, they soften, get richer, and are cherished even more.


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