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Texas Tile Roofing


- Roofing/Flashing

ABOUT Texas Tile Roofing:

Texas Tile Roofing is known as Dallas and Fort Worth’s premier tile roof specialist! With over 30 years experience in the roof tile industry, Texas Tile Roofing has a tradition of excellence, providing quality you can count on to endure throughout the years. Over 3,000 homes covered by Texas Tile Roofing!

We offer our customers expert knowledge and craftsmanship in the installation of numerous types of roof coverings and roofing products. Texas Tile Roofing has built up a sold reputation with DFW area home-builders. We understand the pace of new construction and can comfortably meet the demands made by contractors. We have developed strong relationships with our suppliers and this, coupled with our workforce, ensures that Texas Tile Roofing is there when you are ready.


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