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When it comes to Dream Street projects, this isn’t Susan Semmelmann’s first rodeo. In 2020, Semmelmann partnered with Willow Tree Custom Homes for the magazine’s inaugural Dream Street and returned in 2022, partnering with John Webb of Heritage Homes.

Semmelmann has been in the construction and design world for 25 years and entered the industry in an effort to help others — to build a space that will give clients countless experiences and memories.

From residential to commercial, Semmelmann strives to make her clients’ dreams a reality. By combining innovative creativity with classic design traditions, she create spaces that are as beautiful as they are livable. Her team at Susan Semmelmann Interiors leverage their experience with custom crafted furnishings and accessories to bring any vision to life. It’s their mission to create beautiful spaces where life happens, and their make sure the uniqueness of each client is evident in the finished product.

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