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A Walk Through the Fort Worth Magazine Dream Street

When it comes to the massive undertaking that is the Fort Worth Magazine Dream Street, it’s safe to say the third time’s the charm.

Yes, this year marks the third iteration of this one-of-a-kind project that teams some of the area’s top builders, designers, and subcontractors to construct and furnish three luxury, multimillion-dollar homes that sit side by side. Nestled in the new Oak Alley development in Colleyville, these three homes, each measuring over 7,500 square feet and sporting a price tag of over $4.7 million, are the biggest, flashiest, and most extravagant homes our publication has had a hand in constructing since the dawn of the Dream projects (beginning with a singular Dream Home in October 2000).

With home and interior designs inspired by Tuscany, the Mediterranean, and the Isles of Britain, the following pages will take readers on a tour of lavish European living — all from the comfort of where you currently sit. And, like the magazine’s long-running series of annual Dream Homes, each home will showcase the latest in building and design trends.

The English

7235 Oak Alley Drive

Taking its design cues from builder Nick Smith’s country of origin, this English Arts and Crafts home combines a traditional aesthetic with modern opulence.

Listed at $5,295,000

Curved rooftops, asymmetrical windows, a botanical-inspired interior, and surprises around every corner — these are just a few of the charms and eccentricities that will greet those who visit this distinct home. Designed by Christopher Hough of Heritage Design Studio, the home is an homage to the birthplace of the home’s builder, Nick Smith of Kensington Custom Homes, and cleverly produces a traditional design that is also one of the most adventurous homes one will see in the Greater Fort Worth area.

Helming the Interior Architecture and Design are Marlene Small and Carole Harston of Heritage Interiors, who went to great lengths to ensure that the interior remained authentic and celebrated the spirit of English Arts and Crafts. “Within this architectural style, there are unexpected nuances within the home,” Small says. “There’s a window that’s not quite where you expected it to be or a door that’s at a different height because there’s a story with the homes.”

Builder: Kensington Custom Homes

Realtor: George & Noonan Real Estate Group

Interior Designer: Heritage Interiors

Home designer: Christopher Hough, Heritage Design Studio

Style: English Arts and Crafts

Stories: 2

Sq. ft.: 7,682

Bed: 5

Bath: 6 Full, 2 Half

Garage: 4-car

The Mediterranean

7239 Oak Alley Drive

Deep in the heart of Texas lies this coastal castle, where beachy vibes and Spanish flare make life a little easier.

Listed at $5,250,000

This sublime mansion represents a sequel, of sorts, to builder John Webb and interior designer Susan Semmelmann’s 2022 Dream Street project. Yes, this home marks the second time these Dream Street vets have teamed up for a jaw-dropping showcase of modern home design. While their 2022 home in Montrachet received high praise, the duo has clearly upped the ante with a Mediterranean-inspired adobe that feels plucked from the coasts of Andalusia. But traditional Texans need not worry, the home effortlessly incorporates all of the modern design trends metroplex dwellers have come to appreciate.

The six-bedroom, six full-bath, 7,700-square-foot home also represents the largest house of the bunch and, by extension, the largest Dream Home in the history of the program. Taking on this large space, Semmelmann, of Susan Semmelmann Interiors, seamlessly integrates a modern approach to interior design with nods to the Mediterranean aesthetic. According to Semmelmann, “Every room in this space isn’t just a design — it’s a feeling, an experience.”

Builder: Heritage Homes

Realtor: Jeannie Anderson Group – Compass Real Estate

Interior Designer: Susan Semmelmann Interiors

Home designer: Scott Watson, Arch House Collaborative

Style: Mediterranean

Stories: 2

Sq. ft.: 7,714

Bed: 6

Bath: 6 Full, 2 Half

Garage: 4-car

The Tuscan

7243 Oak Alley Drive

An authentic Tuscan villa that has the stone walls, wooden beams, and even an herb garden to prove it.

Listed at $5,200,000


It’s not a stretch to say that visiting this stone and stucco clad home would make one feel right at, well, home next to a vineyard in Tuscany. Or that one might feel the urge to reach for his or her passport before entering. As it turns out, this Tuscan home, built by Brian Demma of Brian Michael Distinctive Homes, was more than just inspired by Tuscany. No, that celebrated region in West Italy provided the whole blueprint.

While the home may transport you to another region, it does not transport you to another time. We’re happy to say the home contains all of the architectural flare of modern design — open floor plan, lots of windows and light — and interior designer Traci Darden of Elements of Design made sure to update the Tuscan style with cleaner lines and smoother finishes. The resulting home manages to become modern while remaining authentic.

Builder: Brian Michael Distinctive Homes

Realtor: Sophie Tel Diaz Real Estate

Interior Designer: Elements of Design

Style: Tuscan

Stories: 2

Sq. ft.: 7,588

Bed: 5

Bath: 5 Full, 2 Half

Garage: 4-car