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The Winners of Dream Street 2022

Three stunning homes and one month of tours, following months of hard work by professionals demonstrating their expertise. All of it wrapped up into a super-competitive competition to be named the Best of Dream Street. Everyone who came out to tour the Dream Street homes had the opportunity to cast a vote in several categories

A Virtual Walk-Through of the Dream Street Homes [Video]

Want a sneak peek at the completed Fort Worth Magazine Dream Street homes? Check out the video above (produced by 9G Films), which takes viewers on a brief tour and showcases the stunning detail of three side-by-side luxury houses in the Montrachet development in west Fort Worth. Of course, a video can only show so

A Bird’s Eye View of the 2022 Dream Street [Video]

While catching a glimpse of the Fort Worth Magazine Dream Street from street view is no doubt impressive (how can three massive luxury homes not be?), a view from the clouds — literally speaking — is what can really give you an idea of the project’s massive scope. The above flyover video, produced by 9G Films, shows

Timber Goes Up on Dream Street 2022

Vertical movement is happening on three luxury homes that will comprise Dream Street 2021 in the new Montrachet development. _____ Three luxury homes built side by side in the new Montrachet development in west Fort Worth will comprise this year’s Fort Worth Magazine Dream Street, the company’s second. Montrachet, a sister property to the adjacent Montserrat, is

Dream Street 2022: A Q&A with Hal Brown

As construction on this year’s Dream Street begins, we sit down with Fort Worth Magazine publisher Hal Brown, who’s seen the initial Dream Home concept grow exponentially over his 22 years at the magazine. _____ Hal Brown, a Fort Worth native, TCU grad, and publisher of Fort Worth Magazine (yeah, our boss), has witnessed the construction

2022 Dream Street: An Update

Three luxury homes built in the new Montrachet development will be open for touring this winter. _____ The 2021 Dream Street, a sequel to last year’s popular inaugural Dream Street, has officially broken ground in the new Montrachet development in West Fort Worth. In fact, the project has gone beyond groundbreaking, and the trifecta of luxury

Dream Street 2022: A Dream Development

Full of amenities, open spaces, and beautiful views, the new Montrachet development is home to this year’s Dream Street, featuring three luxury homes. _____ The sequel to last year’s successful inaugural Dream Street is set to feature three luxury homes in the new Montrachet development in west Fort Worth. The houses, built by some of the

First Look: Fort Worth Magazine Dream Street 2022

After the success of last year’s inaugural Fort Worth Magazine Dream Street, the magazine announces three new luxury homes in the new southwest Fort Worth development Montrachet. _____ Twenty-one years. That is the time it takes for one to legally drink alcohol in this country. One could also say it’s the time when one becomes