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[VIDEO] Dream Street 2023: The Mediterranean

This sublime mansion represents a sequel, of sorts, to builder John Webb and interior designer Susan Semmelmann’s 2022 Dream Street project. Yes, this home, designed by Scott Watson of Arch House Collaborate, marks the second time these Dream Street vets have teamed up for a jaw-dropping showcase of modern home design. While their 2022 home in Montrachet received high praise, the duo has clearly upped the ante with a Mediterranean-inspired adobe that feels plucked from the coasts of Andalusia. But traditional Texans need not worry, the home effortlessly incorporates all of the modern design trends Metroplex dwellers have come to appreciate.

The six-bedroom, six full-bath, 7,700-square-foot home also represents the largest house of the bunch and, by extension, the largest Dream Home in the history of the program. Taking on this large space, Semmelmann, of Susan Semmelmann Interiors, seamlessly integrates a modern approach to interior design with nods to the Mediterranean aesthetic. According to Semmelmann, “Every room in this space isn’t just a design — it’s a feeling, an experience.”