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[VIDEO] Dream Street 2023: The Tuscan

It’s not a stretch to say that visiting this stone- and stucco-clad home would feel right at, well, home next to a vineyard in Tuscany. Or that one might feel the urge to reach for his or her passport before entering. As it turns out, this Tuscan home, built by Brian Demma of Brian Michael Distinctive Homes and designed by Clay Nelson of C.A. Nelson Architecture Group, was more than just inspired by Tuscany. No, that celebrated region in West Italy provided the whole blueprint.

While the home may transport you to another region, it does not transport you to another time. We’re happy to say the home contains all of the architectural flare of modern design — open floor plan, lots of windows and light — and interior designer Traci Darden of Elements of Design made sure to update the Tuscan style with cleaner lines and smoother finishes. The resulting home manages to become to modern while remaining authentic.