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First Look: Fort Worth Magazine Dream Street 2022

After the success of last year’s inaugural Fort Worth Magazine Dream Street, the magazine announces three new luxury homes in the new southwest Fort Worth development Montrachet.


Twenty-one years. That is the time it takes for one to legally drink alcohol in this country. One could also say it’s the time when one becomes an adult — when society entrusts one with more responsibility. It’s also the number one tries to reach in Blackjack, and it’s the atomic number of scandium (an element I am only now becoming aware of). I harp on the number 21 because that is the number of years this publication has been annually constructing, covering, and celebrating its flagship project: the Fort Worth Magazine Dream Home. The project has officially grown up to become a responsible adult.

For those who don’t know, the Dream Home is an annual project that partners our magazine with some of the area’s best builders, architects, interior designers, and subcontractors. The goal is to construct a home that serves as an exhibit of modern technology, building techniques, and design trends. Once completed, the Dream Homes are open for touring and become inspiration for future projects, renovations, and interior redesigns. Proceeds from the tours also help benefit local nonprofit a Wish with Wings, a charity that grants wishes to children in North Texas who suffer life-threatening conditions. The magazine also runs a large cover feature in that month’s magazine that showcases the jaw-dropping home in its completion.

Eventually, the Dream Home outgrew its once-per-year, single-home format and, last year, Fort Worth Magazine constructed three luxury homes in Southlake’s newest neighborhood, Oxford Place. Dubbed the Fort Worth Magazine Dream Street, the magazine partnered with WillowTree Custom Homes, Atwood Custom Homes, and Heritage Homes to erect three multimillion-dollar houses at the end of a cul-de-sac. In spite of the pandemic, the massive undertaking proved to be popular, and the Dream Street saw a record number of people touring the three very distinct homes. You can read the full story in our October issue.

This year, Fort Worth Magazine is happy to announce a return of Dream Street. This year’s street, no longer a cul-de-sac, will be in the new Montrachet development located off Team Ranch Road in southwest Fort Worth, just east of its sister development, Montserrat. The homes will be in the first phase part of the development called “The Parks.” According to a press release from the developers of Montserrat, demand has been so high in the first phase that they’ve made lots in the second phase available significantly earlier than expected.

With three homes also comes three builders, three architects, and three interior designers. We are very excited to announce the three builders that will be partnering with us on the 2021 iteration of Dream Street.

Returning for his third Dream project in a row — an unprecedented trilogy — John Webb, of Heritage Homes, will be constructing yet another luxury home for the project. Seven years after building the 2014 Fort Worth Magazine Dream Home in nearby Montserrat, Rick Wegman of HGC Residential Development, will be partnering with us again. Rounding out the three, Tim Windmiller, of Windmiller Homes, who conveniently specializes in “Custom Dream Homes” is on board for his first Dream project.

Elsewhere, Karl Hahnfeld Design Group will be the architect for the home built by Wegman, Heritage Design Studios will tackle John Webb’s project, and Montabello Design will draw up the blueprints for Windmiller’s Dream Home. Once the homes are complete, the interior designers will have an opportunity to showcase some of the most hifalutin design you might ever see. Celeste Wegman, of Celeste Wegman Interiors will be doing the interior design of Wegman’s house. Meanwhile, Amira Windmiller, Windmiller’s wife, will make a husband/wife duo as she will be tasked to complete the interior design of the Windmiller home. And Susan Semmelmann, who has partnered with us on many previous projects, including last year’s inaugural Dream Street, will transform Webb’s house into a luxurious and livable space.

Other partners will be announced in the coming weeks.

The homes are slated for completion in October, and touring, which benefits a Wish with Wings, will begin November 2021, when the Fort Worth Magazine Dream Street feature will run in the magazine. You can stay up to date on the Dream Street’s progress by visiting We will also run updates and allow our readers a chance to get to know some of the people involved in our monthly magazine.

Next month: Meet the developers of Montrachet, the site of the Fort Worth Magazine Dream Street.

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